Prague: Bohemian Wonderland

Though Israel was a sunny paradise, I decided to break the cycle of my Tel Aviv lifestyle (beach all day, party all night) and head into Europe.

The cheapest ticket I could find using Skyscanner, my favorite airfare app, was Prague!


Two of my favorite Prague buildings are located in Old Town Square: the astronomical clock tower and the Church of Our Lady before Tyn.

Both were built in the 1400s, and are impressive feats. The church is a classic example of gothic architecture and dominates the city skyline. The clock is the oldest functioning astronomical clock in the world. Who cares about the latest iPhone?


The Prague Castle, Pražský hrad, is officially the world’s largest castle and dates back to the ninth century.


This is a breathtakingly beautiful city. Twice the capital of Europe, the historical capital of Bohemia, and now the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is a city of two million people that feels like the place Belle would call home.

The architecture is an array of styles that span the history of time. Romanesque, baroque, gothic, art nouveau, cubism…it’s everything at once, but it works.








There are more stunning buildings here than you could shake a stick at. The whole city looks like Disneyland, too incredible to be real. I imagined all the buildings were simply facades, but street after street of amazing architecture kept coming.



Prague’s architectural beauty is enhanced by its natural features: the Vltava River coursing through the city, and the hills of Letná Park, which offer breathtaking views.




The splendor of Prague is never ending. Stay tuned for Prague Part 2, Czech food, the Lennon Wall and more!



2 thoughts on “Prague: Bohemian Wonderland

  1. Corinne McCourt

    The Vltava river is also known as the Moldau and there is a beautiful piece of music written by Smetana that was designed to sound like the river. check it out on youtube. Love you


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