Prague Finale: John Lennon Wall and Charles Bridge

December 8, 1980: Beatles rocker John Lennon was shot to death in the entrance of his New York apartment building.

A pacifist hero in the eyes of many young Czechs during a time of political revolution, Lennon was soon memorialized in Prague. His image was painted on a wall in a secluded square near the Charles Bridge, and political graffiti and Beatles lyrics were soon added.

Despite the best whitewashing efforts of the police and the property owners, the Lennon Wall has been continuously evolving for the past three decades: layer upon layer of lyrics, wishes for peace and sketches of the man whose voice guided a generation.







To get to the Lennon Wall, take a trek over the Charles Bridge. Built in 1357, this was the only way to cross the Vltava River until the 1800s.


The bridge is covered in dozens of baroque statues of saints and patron saints, guiding you across the river.



The bridge is flanked by three towers, and the Old Town Bridge Tower is one of the most impressive gothic style buildings in the city.


The view from the tower is something not to be missed! Pro tip: If you’re a cheapskate backerpacker like me, you can climb up most of the way before they check your ticket! The view is still pretty remarkable 🙂


Be sure to browse the local artisans who set up shop on the bridge, along with some fantastic street performers.

That’s all from Prague! Up next: Krakow, Poland!


Check the blog soon for pierogi, castles and Auschwitz.


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