Bon Voyage!

Here’s my last update from American soil!

After packing my bag last night, I had to take out a good bit of stuff to make everything fit. I can still barely carry all my stuff at once, and look like a giant turtle when I’m all strapped up.

After a sad taxi ride out of New York (something about crossing the Williamsburg Bridge made it SO real), I made it to the airport and have met the rest of the Birthright crew: 30 kids from across the country (a lot of California friends!) who are just as stoked and scared about their travel plans as I am.

Found two other vagabonds who will be trekking without a plan after the 10 days in Israel is over, and hope to befriend them especially well.

I have a middle seat for our cross-Atlantic flight, and am praying for no babies or obese seat mates.

Wish me luck, and stay tuned for a post from Tel Aviv!


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